The world’s first mobile Cool Pack: Coolit!

You like cold drinks on the road?
Then it’s time to coolit!

Coolit!_On the way_Travel_Car_Cupholder

With coolit! packs, you will have a better refreshing experience. Keep your drinks cold for a longer time. The easiest way to cool your drinks!

How To Cool It

Coolit!_Freezer_Cup Holder_drive

Designed With Heart

Coolit!_Ice pack_cool_cold

The universal shape of the coolit! packs give the freedom of using it on both sites. Depending on the shape and height of your cup holder, the sphere and cylinder design provide best fit solution. By providing both mini cool pack designs, we want to enhance your cooling experiences.

Ergonomic & Easy-To-Use

The sculptural shapes of coolit! packs are made to perform with the easiest way of use:
– Fitting to different cup holder styles
– Easy place & take off with finger slip
– Nice touch & easy to clean
– Two different mini ice pack styles in one pack

100% Recyclable

Coolit!_Cool packs_100% Recyclable_hdpe

Coolit! packs are made of neutral HDPE, suitable to recreate other products without any quality loss. This 100% recyclable material is non-allergic and used in food and medical products. the liquid is free of harmful substances and degradable in nature. Pureness & Function matters!

Long Cooling Time

  • Cooling drinks for up to 4 hours
  • Best cooling effect on aluminum & glass
  • Suitable for volumes from 0,2l – 0,75l
  • Also works for other cooling purposes

Unique Sealing Concept

Unlike other ice packs, frozen packs, cool boxes or freezing gel, we refused to use typical closures like lids, as they often tent to leak and loose liquid. To keep you and your surrounding clean, we are sealing it with a standardized welding technology and thereby also avoid material mixtures – A SINGLE SCULPTED SHAPE.

High Performance

When we designed the coolit! packs, we paid attention for highest durability. As the packs are sealed and shaped for obtaining both, stiffness and flexibility, they can resist up to 60 bars of pressure. Coolit! packs passed also manual tests with impact. That means, you can be assured, that our coolit! packs will last long!


Coolit! is a registered trademark of Inspirisiontech Engineering. Designing smart products – from the first idea to the customer – is our greatest passion. We are a young team of engineers and designers, paying high attention to the detail. for thoughts and critics, we are always thankful for your feedback to: